Tuesday, May 27, 2014

LMLIM Week 4 | Too old to cornroll?

I'm in the final week of this "project" and today's tip is DIY.  Magazines are really the best place to find great hair tips and this one I sooooo liked.  I don't think I've worn a braid or cornroll in my hair since maybe my 20s.  But it really was a cute look on the model in the Essence magazine so I gave it a try.  Especially since my hair has grown out I am always looking for an updo to help keep cool in Bako.

So here's how it turned out.

I did alter it a little because well I didn't have enough hair on the side for a braid.  Maybe I'll try that when its a bit cooler here and add a little extra on the side. :)  I also did an inverted braid because it was easier since I started at the middle of the part.  Definitely will be including this in my hair style recipes.

I found this DIY tip in Essence Magazine, 5/14

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