Saturday, July 8, 2017

I'm So Fabulous....well my brows are!

I have a small secret!  My eyebrows are freaking perfect....yup P-E-R-F-E-C-T.  Have you heard about a procedure called microblading? If not don't worry I'm going to give you the 411. I'd call it a two step process because after the initial visit a 2nd one is required to keep you looking oh so flyyy for up to a year.

Let's start here.  When first approached about this procedure this is what I had in mind ===============>

Trust me it's far from that.  But I really didn't get the whole eyebrow drawy thingy and always told my daughter NOT to do it when she was practicing after watching her MUA YouTube videos all day. I just thought it unnecessary to make your brows look well, unnatural.  The microblading process is far from that.  My specialist, Bash has me looking younger than my 46 years with just two sessions.  The other day someone told me they thought I was 35. MMMMk I'm not looking that young (Botox is up next tho) but it definitely has me looking like a contender.

Now first I'm going to put this out there, there is pain.  Not excruciating pain but yes slight I could grab my nose hairs and make this feel better pain but it's toward the end of the procedure.  Numbing cream is generously applied to help with the first 10 - 20 minutes of tattoo artistry of strokes that create a fuller brow.  I'm not going to detail each step because it's something you need to experience for yourself but be prepared for some hieroglypics on your forehead to assist in getting the perfect size and shaped brow.   The process takes between 30 - 40 minutes and is worth each one baby.

After getting home one of my worst fears came brows were soooooooo dark!  Kinda Burt from Sesame Street dark.  I was the only one that felt that way though.  Can't we all be our worst critic?  I was feeling some sorta way but Bash reassured me that they would lighten up.  After the scarring process I saw immediate results of that.  If you have a tattoo then you know what this is like, microblading is no different except its all up on your forehead for everyone to see.  After a few days of burrowing my head down when passing others in the hallway I started to see some freakin awesome results however.   In other words, "I'm Lovin' It!" *in my McDonalds commercial voice.

Know what else I love?  Bash is letting me offer a special discount to my blogger and social media buds. The Summer Special deal of $350 will be going up to $499 after 8/31/17, it also includes the 6 week touch up.   But peep this, mention The Curvy Momager when calling to make your appointment and you can get $25 off your services until 12/31/17!  To make an appointment contact Bash at 818-430-1106, you'll be required to place a deposit down to secure your appointment too.

Drop me a line if you decide to get your brow life together or have any questions.  You know The Momager is always there for her #MomSquad.