Monday, January 16, 2017

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Sports news from a Momagers' POV......

Chargers with the New New

The Chargers had a week full of change.  First they decided to move to LA for the 2017 Season and change or should I say copy the Dodgers logo.  All while San Diego fans tried so hard to remain loyal but received the ultimate foul after being snubbed by the owner's non-invite to his Welcome to LA Bash.  With two pro football teams in LA and 4 (possibly 3 with Oakland moving) in the state it would seem that this not be a good move especially since the Rams just came back.  My Momager antennas are up, there's something stinky with this move.  I'll keep my carmel corn out waiting to see what happens.  In the meantime rate the new logo in the comments section on a scale from 1 (They took a bigger L then Meek Mill) or 4 (Drake status).  I'll share the results on my upcoming podcast.

K to the L to the A to the IzzY

Klay Thompson has always been a winner.  Recently his ala mater, Santa Margarita, retired his #1 jersey.  This is pretty major as no other player will be able to sport the #1 on their Eagles jersey EVER!  I guess taking the team to a championship in 2008 and then becoming a NBA Champ he definitely deserves the honor.  Klay's message to the ceremony crowd was about enjoying their time while in high school.  He was reminded of how much fun he had during his four years at the school and that he owed the school for what they did for him.  What a class act!  No pun intended.

A Sweet GiveAWay

The Cleveland Browns have linked up with University Hospital, The Ohio Lottery and Xenith Helmets to sponsor a major giveaway to high school football teams in Ohio.  Their #BrownsGiveBack initiative is geared toward promoting health and safety among young athletes.  Schools are encouraged to become Heads UP certified and then enroll in the give away.  Heads UP certification is for coaches to teach kinds the safe way to play the sport.  To enter the contest visit

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