Friday, May 9, 2014

LMLIM Week 2 | DIY Vase

It's DIY day and I went with a project that Talia could help me with.  I loved this vase when I saw it in the pages of All You Magazine and thought,
I had to buy the vase. 
  seems simple enough....yeah well er.  LOL  No actually it is pretty simple to do but I of course was in a tad bit of a rush so I think I'm going to retry it this weekend.  All in all the steps are easy and if the kids are looking for a cute gift to give Grandma or some other special mother this is a great one.  Just add some fresh flowers and viola.  It's pretty cost effective too.  One thing I did do was save on the Mod Podge at Walmart.  It rang up over $5.00 but when I showed the cashier the price from the article I had she changed it to $2.00 #SingleMamaDollas Lovs it!  The price for the tissue paper was a bit more than they listed but hey I live in Cali.  So my cost was around $6.50.

This is a great project to do with your daughter and let your creativity flow.  The possibilities of color combination, placement and adding bling are endless.  One tip from me is:  Watch your brush strokes.  It might be better to use a sponge brush as suggested but I couldn't find one.  The Mod Podge goes on pretty thick and needs to be spread quickly. 

DIY Tip All You Magazine 5/14 (Hey I'm featured in that one)

I love this Chevron's so NOW!

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