Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Flashback

Me and Talia had some great Mother-Daughter time this week.  Both of us are missing our main dude though and we're excited to be reunited this weekend!  Off to Detroit we go. 

Here are some highlights of our week.  I think we'll be able to handle cohabitating when The Phenom leaves us for college.  Looks like Michigan State is definitely HIGH up on his list.  Check out the pics below...................

It was a very good week!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

5 of the Hautest Celeb Dad's

This is the Curvy Momager's pick of 5 of the hautest celeb Dad's today!  Mom's who would you add to your list?

5.  David Beckham
4.  The Game
3.  Brad Pitt
2.  Idris Elba
1.  Will Smith

I hope all the Dad's have a wonderful day and congrats on making the list, you are hot, talented and most of all caring father's.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Schoooool's out fo summa!

How many of you are singing that tune along with your kids?  But wait, now the real dilemma.  What to do with them over the next three months. 

Whether you are a single, married, working or stay at home mom this always pops up after you are doing cartwheels the final week of school.  As the kids get older they start to find more and more to do but then you have to manage it all.  This year I told the kids I really want them to work on passion projects.  What do I mean by that?  Well if there is something they have been dreaming about doing I want them to do it this summer.  For The Phenom it was basketball, basketball and more basketball.  Sooooo yeah, he's going to basketball camp at one of his top four colleges he wants to attend.  But I also am forcing him, well making it obvious that he needs to take this opportunity to get prepped for the SAT.  Great SAT scores = Great Recruits is my motto so every week he has a word he has to master in addition to take about 5 test questions a week.  So on top of Bball Summer League, Bball Club League and traveling to MSU for camp he has limited time for video games and girls.  LOL.  Oh he also has summer school for the next few weeks.

Then there is The Mogul.  She's been a little out of commission with activities, I guess keeping that GPA at 3.8 was a pretty busy task.  She is glad for summer vacation and also planning to get busy with some passions.  One of those is sewing class.  Yep she is in full fashion stylista mode and picking out patterns and fabrics.  Her next project is working on curriculum with her teacher for a really special project, yep this girl is really passionate about education!  I'm happy about that too.

So Momagers I wish you well over the summer months, every day is going to bring some challenges
but get active.  Have the kids list out three passions and pinpoint them to one if not two.  Make this a summer of passion for you and them.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Moms on Fiyah - Barrissa Gardner

My social network is getting bigger and I'm so happy about it.  Just a few weeks ago I met a Mom.  Wait I met an incredible mom that has a similar vision as me when it comes to the young athlete's lifestyle that I'm living.  She is a fellow basketball mom times ten!  Founder & Director of Youth Basketball Moms Assoication, Barrissa Gardner (pictured with her son to the left) really is living her mission.  Her young son (Kyree Walker, Age 13) has her traveling across the country because of his talents with the Oakland Soldiers.  While out at several tournaments she noticed that the parents were treating each other badly more specifically fellow basketball moms were.  I'm guilty so I totally understood where she was coming from.  Yes I've been at a many a game telling refs they didn't have a clue, yelling at a kid on the floor for the hard foul on my baby and staring at the opposing teams fam like they better cool it.  Okay I'm growing ya'll.  But by talking with Barrissa I think I'm quickly going to get my attitude in check.  She has plans to not only unite and make stronger players on the floor but to get us Momagers on the same page.

Momagers this is the movement we all need to get on board with.  She's supporting the entire community by sharing all of our passions and making sure we connect for the greater good.  As she says, "We all have the same goal, we want our kids to win...both in basketball, school, and why not all work together."  I'll be sharing much more on what Barrissa is doing in future posts but for now let's all applaud her by following her via social media and getting ready to join forces.

IG: @youthbballmoms
Twitter @youthbballmoms
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