Tuesday, May 20, 2014

LMLIM Week 3 | Are we tired of being happy?

I was in a jazzy mood!
Oh that song right.  I'll have to admit though that I still really like it.  As a matter of fact my son and I were in a restaurant today acting silly and started singing and dancing to Pharrell's hit song, there wasn't even any music on.  Sometimes we just click like that.  But back to what this has to do with the article I'm discussing today.  I found this tip in All You Magazine about a online radio streaming site, StereoMood, that you can listen to songs based on your mood.  How cool is that?  The songs are not original songs but remakes and many of them I actually liked more.  The one downside was it took a long time to download the actual app and sign in.  I actually fell asleep and no it wasn't my SPRINT network this time.  Give this app a try and let me know what mood you are in when you try it.  It is accessible through the Play Store for Droid phones and The iTunes store for Apple equipment.

Lifestyle tip from All You Magazine, March 2014   

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