Monday, June 29, 2015

Curvy Momagers' Court | Sports Report 6/30/15

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Izzo, 2017 NBA All-Star Weekend and a cool bball camp alert!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Curvy Momagers' Court | Sports Report 6/21


Look's like Dwayne is flirting with the idea of moving the Wade Show to the LakeShow.  Talks
between the two have begun but no final word on if Wade will opt out of his Miami contract.  He somewhat eluded during his NBA Finals commentating that "when he was in Miami", and the rumors have been flying since then.


It's expected that Kentucky's Towns will be selected1st in the draft this week going to the Timberwolves.  Other expected picks can be found here: Bleacher Report's Top Round Picks


Have you ever found yourself yelling or at least thinking, "That ref can't call s#@%!"?  You are certainly not alone and after doing some research found some great techniques to get my point across without seeming like a crazy Momager!  After all Zebras have feeling too.

- Know the game.  Yea I'm guilty of this one, The Phenom will tell you I don't have a clue sometimes so I'm dedicated to know what the calls mean.  You can check out this YouTube video as a great reference: Calls Refs Make

- Tape the games.  Technology is a beautiful thing, if you think a ref is making bad calls continually you can send the video to the powers that be (school AD, district athletic's department) to prove your point.

- Give the ref a break. They can't catch every call but as long as they are calling the majority of the game the right way understand when you don't get EVERY call.  This shows your player not only good sportsmanship but that they have to play through bad calls.

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Momager Dopeness | Angel Soft's Happy Father's Day, Mom

Wherever you sit on this debate one thing is clear it's not going away.  Angel Soft's salute to single moms playing dual roles is touching but striking cords with many.  Personally as a single mom I don't want to be anyone's dad because that deminishes my role as the bad ass mama I am.  The video however has one of the greatest tag lines:  some days you had to be soft, some days you had to be strong.  Not only is that TRUTH in singlemommieland but for their product it really brings the message home.  Click the link for the video and share your thoughts in the comments

Happy Fathers Day to all my Baller Dads!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mom School | SAT Time

If you have an incoming high school Junior they need to register to take the SAT this fall.  If they score amazing they can relax Senior year or take it again and get a better score.  Remember to enter code 9999 on the paperwork so the score is sent directly to the NCAA Clearinghouse.  

Friday, June 12, 2015

Momager Dopeness | How to Raise an Adult

I love reading while on vacation so when the opportunity to review the new book, "How to Raise an Adult"  by Julie Lythcott-Haims, was offered to me it was like a Steph Curry 3 point shot -- Perfect!  After all a gifted advance copy puts me in VIP status and what girl doesn't just love that?

Now when I saw the title and read the description I thought to myself the book must be about helicopter parenting.  You know those parents that cut the crust from their kids PB & J or that volunteer so much at school people think they work there.  I wasn't too far off base but what I wasn't expecting is how much Kris Jennering (yes I made up that term) I was actually doing with my own heartbeats.  I mean if there was a definition in the encyclopedia for "over parenting" you'd see me waving in a picture next to it.  What I love about the author however is that she admits to being a little bit guilty of it too.  She admits to a time that she was over anxious waiting on her young son to walk home alone after dark one evening.  The walk was less than 10 minutes from home.  So even though I was flipping the pages cringing about my single mama parental mistakes I knew I wasn't alone but still could use some knowledge being dropped in this book.

I broke down what I learned from the book like this:

The Deal:  I am a true Momager when it comes to the court.  Yelling at refs, having "little" chats with coaches and after game talks with The Phenom are part of the routine around here.  But it just doesn't end with him, The Mogul just had to have the customized lei for her....8th grade graduation.  It was so heavy it annoyed her the entire night.

The Rationale:  About 5 years ago my brood and I moved from big city Detroit to small town Bakersfield with no family in town.  After a divorce, becoming a single mom and being in a new city drew me closer to my kids.  I was the only dotting parent and I took that role pretty seriously.  This isn't an excuse just the reality.

The Realization:  So after reading the book I was able to look at our situation and make some evaluations.
Fact 1.  If The Phenom was hungry he'd rather hear the noise from his stomach instead of making cereal.
Fact 2.  The Mogul is helpful but has lately been wanting On-Demand attention.
Fact 3.  I was going to be leaving them on vacation with my parents and was concerned I'd be exposed for the overbearing parent I had turned in to.  Well maybe I have been one all along.

The Game Plan:   Knowing that its time for me to Raise Adults and possibly let The Phenom look for his own summer job [WooooWeee I can see that teen-age side eye] and The Mogul have more chances at other social activities that don't include me tagging along a game plan is necessary.  The good thing is when I leave my beautiful vacation we all are going to have a short separation, what a great time to apply my new found knowledge.  I have faith that things will go well for them during our time apart.  Even though once at the airport after exchanging Northwest tears with The Mogul as I walked to the ticket counter The Phenom gave me the thumbs up to let me know all was going to be fine.   I was sure then that our next month apart would give them some time to express independence and me to let them.  This parenting job isn't easy but I defiantly want to raise adults, ones that chase their dreams and not mine!

You can win a copy of the book How to Raise an Adult with The Curvy Momager Summer Reading
Giveaway.  Rules and details can be found on my social media starting Sunday June 14th.  Be sure to check it out Momagers, let's raise the next generation of independent thinkers and not high achievers because of parental involvement.  Here's a snippet from the book:

"Why did parenting change from preparing our kids for life to protecting them from life, which means they're not prepared to live life on their own?"

Plenty of great information, data and humorous stories make this book a great summer reading experience.  You can learn more about the book here: or by clicking this link for the video book trailer, How to Raise an Adult.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Momager Dopeness | It's Friday

We made it to Friday ya'll.  Make it fabulous, throw diamonds not shade!



Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Mogul | Last Day of School

At the beginning of the school year I posted some of The Moguls' favorite things promising to make a mid year and end of the year update.  Well didn't quite do that mid year one but here is the last day of school update below.  You can check out the differences by visiting the original post here: The Moguls 1st day of school. 

I'm not too keen on that song choice but it's her favorite not mine :).  Very proud of her during this year, she stepped out of her comfort zone (slightly) and did some new things.  Congratulations baby, you are going to rock out high school.