Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Momager is In | Kadar Waller

In this second installment The Curvy Momager talks with middle school basketball player Kadar Waller.  Kadar started playing basketball at a very young age and has an actual basketball career and he's only in the 7th grade.  Currently playing for two travel teams he is the starting PG and models his game after...wait you'll have to watch the video to find that out. Click play below and don't forget to share!

I'm sure you enjoyed getting to see more about this basketball phenom and hope it provided some inspiration to you.  His Momager Arleana has certainly been an inspiration to me.  If you are interested in contacting him please email

The Curvy Momager is always looking for more athletes (any sport) from middle school - college and professional to interview for this series.  Next up we are talking to a lacrosse player and his Momager! 


  1. Thank you for interviewing Kadar. He makes me SO PROUD. He gives me so many #proudmommymoments I am proud to see him live his life with passion and have fun doing it. A mom hopes for her son is that he finds his purpose and balance in life. I see this for Kadar.

  2. Great blog post and great blog!

    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot and can't wait to chat with you and your soon. Please feel free to subscribe to the blog too, don't want you to miss anything!

  3. It was an honor @Arleana to talk with him. Such a upstanding young man and very goal oriented. It's time we do more to talk about kids that are making positive change for their generation. Good job Momager and Doc!