Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Whatchu Doin Wednesday | Making folks feel great

It’s so close to Christmas I can’t even believe it.  I really have not been much into the Holiday spirit until yesterday when I planned a Christmas dinner for the employees at work.  Sharing smiles and “Merry Christmas” with over 500 employees and their families was just heartwarming.  So I decided I wanted that feeling to continue throughout the rest of the Holiday season.  I will be practicing Random Acts of Kindness until Christmas Day and would love for all of my fans to join me.  It’s really simple and doesn’t have to be extravagant at all.  Here is my Day 1 RAK:
These cookies from Starbucks are a Random Act of Kindness themselves.
One of my daughter’s teachers has just been awesome this year so giving her this note is really the least I can do.  Now it’s your turn.  Go out there and practice some random acts of kindness and be sure to tag me in your pics.  (IG, Twitter and FB @curvymomager) Yep I wanna share all the amazingness with the world, I'll share my favorites on Christmas.  Remember it doesn’t have to be anything big and don’t be shy about taking a pic, it’s all for the greater good.  I met the gentleman that actually started the Random Acts of Kindness movement and he told me, “No act is ever to small and should be shared to let others know that humankind really has a heart.”

Headed out to be kind,

 Curvy Momager

Monday, December 16, 2013

Moment In Life Monday | I am Beyonce well....

a girl can dream can't she.  Seriously tho who knew?  Somebody had to know all this fabulousness she is calling a Visual CD was coming out.  Sensual, dark, slow, mysterious are words I'd use to describe the self entitled music so I guess that Friday the 13th was the perfect release date.  So yep this Moment in Life in Monday is dedicated to Queen/King Bey for giving us some newness...hardest working chick in the game.  No dis to the other fabulous Divas but ya'll gotta admit she knocked it to the moon on this.

Top Five Favs

1.  Drunk in Love - that video is on repeat on the iPad
2.  Jealousy - the words
3.  Grown Woman - been waiting for this to be released since the Super Bowl last year
4.  Partition - um....I knowing a little bit more about Bey and Jay's bedroom antics than I might want too.
5.  Flawless - I woke up like this (Ha, sure did!)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thankful Thursdays | Celebrities that....

I so heart when celebrities use their status for good.  Kevin Hart posted on IG a photo from The RobinHood Project to Cease the Gunfire between gangs between now and Christmas day.  So many senseless deaths have occurred this year that rapper, The Game founder of The RobinHood project started this initiative.  So seriously sad that this is necessary but really glad that so many like Kevin and Khloe Kardashin are spreading the word.  Please pray that this can carry on long after Christmas and that more senseless deaths of children caught in the crossfire are stopped.

Please visit the IG account @therobinhoodproject to find out more about other goodness The RobinHood Project is doing and spread the word!


Curvy Momager

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Whatchu Doin Wednesdays | The Unselfie

Now is it unselfish to take a photo of...yourself...doing an act of kindness and post it on social media?  Hmmm.....  Something about that just doesn't seem, well, err quite right.  Tons of celebs and fabulous everdayers are doing just that though.  Each Tuesday you'll see post on your local IG feed of people doing "selfless acts" and spreading them in hopes of going viral.  Yeah I know you all are saying in your head, "This chick shares her entire life on SM." so I see how people want to spread their good works but don't pretend that it's unselfish to do so.  Call a spade a spade.  One goodie from it however is that it will hopefully catch on and the act of volunteering or practicing random kindness will be the real benefit of going viral.  And that is the real story here.  As a matter of fact many non-profit organizations are benefiting by these post and tons of #moneyisbeingdonated. (How'd you like that hashtag? :))  

Photo cred:
So go ahead next Tuesday and posterize yourself for something other than that OOTD and show us how you unselfie yourself by tagging @curvymomager in your post.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Moment in Life Monday | When raising children

As you all know I've been doing a bit of reading lately and I picked up an old book and dusted it off, exactly as i am by Shaun Robinson.  It's a collection of short stories from well known women about what it takes to believe in yourself.

The story by Gabrielle Union caught my attention.  She stressed that as a child she grew up and her parents always were pushing her to be better than she was.  A straight A student was being pushed to get A pluses and questioned as to why she missed one question on a test.  These accusations only made her feel more insecure around her peers that were seriously excelling.  These feelings of course affected her self esteem causing her to question herself while growing up.

After reading this story I really saw myself in her parents.  I can recall telling The Phenom, yeah you made that three pointer but if you'd made that free throw.  Or mentioning to The Mogul, well you know if you'd started on that project last week you probably would have gotten an A.  Ahh parenting, there is no manual.  Yes, of course I want them to always be the best in what they do but dang when they are trying their hardest I might just be kicking them in the gut.  Breathe Momager breathe!  I mean look how Gabby turned out but reading her journey made me think about some of my parenting skills.  Maybe a little bit of listening and less judgement might be a better approach.  I would hate for these lil people to regret me one day.  It's such a balancing act but raising these well-rounded kids that are doing great and if I don't say it enough I'm proud of you guys and you're doing amazing and accomplishing wonderful things.

Maybe we should take a minute and tell our kids just how amazing they are!

If you haven't read the book by Robinson click on the video below on the book from YouTube.

Stay strong Momagers,

Curvy Momager

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Watchu Doin Wednesdays | Reading

All of my readers out there I'm looking for a good, no let's make that a GREAT book to read.  I'm in the midst of finishing Blog, Inc. and about to order a book from one of my IG friends Jermaine Smith A Piece of Me but after that I'll be looking for something to fill my Holiday vacation time with.  Here are a few suggestions I've seen as I was "stalking" some of my social media friends feeds.

1.  The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

2.  Chore Whore by Heather Howard

3.  Real Money Answers for Every Woman by Patrice Washington

Let me know if you have any more suggestions and if you've read any of the books recommended above.  Gotta stay up on what's good!


Oh if you are interested in some Frugal Twitter Fun tomorrow check out the Twitter Chat with Tiffany The Budgetnista and some of her other guru financial chicks. 

Catch ya lata,

Curvy Momager

Monday, December 2, 2013

Moment In Life Monday | So I was on vacation and...

Yeah like I really enjoyed my Thanksgiving vacation a LOT and got no work done at all.  Wow I guess I needed it.  I hope each of you had a wonderful Turkey Day as well.  Back tomorrow with Tequila Talk Tuesday and BOY do I have a topic for you!  Enjoy the Thanksgiving Afterglow and be sure to check Facebook and IG tomorrow. 

In case you don't have the social media info here it is:

@curvymomager on IG


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