Friday, May 9, 2014

LMLIM Week 2 | Fashion Icon tip

No mine isn't DVF
Taking a tip today from not only Good Housekeeping magazine but Fashion Icon Diane von Furstenberg on this always classic look.  The wrap dress is a great dress for every women and it makes curvy girls look even curvier.  BOOM!  I've had this dress for years and I'll have to say it's a staple on my MUST WEAR once a month line up.  Pairing it with some of my favorite J. Lo heels and pretty in pink purse (courtesy of one of my besties) I'd say I nailed it!  Oh peep the shades too - these are my year round FAVs!  #CaliLife

Remember ladies you don't always have to go out and buy what you see in the pages of the magazines.  You probably have it in your closet so go there FIRST!  #SingleMamaDollas

Now off to work, have a wonderful Friday and if you are in the Cali area be sure to check out the Diane von Furstenberg exhibit, "Journey of A Dress" in the LA area.  I haven't been but have heard it rocks.  Might just have to take a day off, drive down and check it out.

Fashion tip from Good Housekeeping magazine, opps I didn't save the date.


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