Monday, March 31, 2014

Moment In Life Monday | Being a Momager

It's one tough job isn't it?  Just this weekend I was reflecting on the school year (being that it's almost over) and wondering how on earth did we (I) accomplish it all.  Early mornings before everyone is up making sure the finishing touches are on projects, transporting to 5 AM practices, games ending at 9 PM, making sure everyone bathes at least 4 times a week and is fed 3 - 4 times a day.  And that is just the icing on the cake.  The reality is that it can be a tough job but sometimes Momagers, we only see it from our perspective.  Ever thought what your kids really think of you?  Okay, no like not when you told them they can't play video games for a week but in those beautiful moments when you are having a real connection.  What would they say about YOU?  Click on the great video below to find out how some Moms (probably many of us) view themselves and how their kids see them.  You might be in for a pleasant surprise and a few tears. 

Keep being are doing awesome!  Everyday is Mother's Day!


The Curvy Momager

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday | This made me feel ahmazin'

This morning I opened up my Blogger account to go in and work on a post and was just stunned when I saw this:

3000 Hits to my blog so far in 6 months?  Trust me I was amazed and THANKFUL.  Sure it may seem like a small number to all those fabulous DIVA bloggers out there that clearly surpass this number in a week but for this Full Time Momager, Full Time Working Volunteer Manager, Full Time Girlfriend, 1/4 Time Radio Host and all the time fabulous girl, fitting it all in is no easy task.  If you are one of the 3000 hits thank you so much for enjoying my passion.  I pray you will continue to tune in and keep growing our community and have lots of laughs while doing it.

With many thanks,

The Curvy Momager

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Whatchu Doin' Wednesday | NickMom's Challenge

I thought this Not-So-Challenging Challenge was so cute posted by NickMom on Twitter.  The Mogul is a little bit too old to participate but I'm going to make her do it anyway.  You see she's been wanting me to do all these CRAZY challenges with her the can food, Bean Boozled and saltine cracker challenges so this is my turn to get her back.  By the way I haven't tried any of them yet but she ordered the jelly beans so be ready for the YouTube video.  Many of you probably have a kid that fits this challenge and is more age appropriate so be sure to check it out.  I'll be looking for your post on Twitter under the #NickMomChallenge.


March 24th - Draw a picture of Mom
March 25th - Write a sentence about an animal
March 26th - Tie your shoelaces
March 27th - Dress yourself
March 28th - Make yourself a bowl of cereal
March 31st - Make a sandwich of your choosing
April 1st - Do mom's nails or makeup
April 2nd - Do mom's hair
April 3rd - Send a text
April 4th - Take a selfie

Grab your camera, kids and have some FUN!

With Style,

The Curvy Momager

Monday, March 24, 2014

Moment In Life Monday | Social Media Friends

We all have them.  They are closer than friends in your head those social media friends.  Folks you've only met through social media but you really make a connection with them.  I often wonder if you have to have some sort of personality in order to create non face to face relationships?  My type B personality is pretty easy to get along with and might be the reason I've developed some great friendships through IG, Facebook and Twitter.

One of the best friendships I've created was with my accountability partner, Meleisha Edwards.  We actually were introduced via FB through a mutual friend and started following each other.  Meleisha, being the wonderful person that she is suggested that we become accountability partners after she read a
post that I put up.  At first we meet once a week via phone making sure we were following up on all of our "to do" list items that we had on our vision boards.  The friendship just grew from there.  I really count Meleisha as someone I can count on to lift me up when I'm doubting myself.  She can put me into overdrive too!  I put out an idea and we plot together on how to get it done.  Don't think it's only one-sided I've listened to her next life steps, read her proposals for blogging adventures and rejoiced with her when she met Queen Latifah -- her idol!  She even starred in a movie with her once.  My friend is just fabulous and without this wonderful thing called social media I probably would have not built this friendship.  I love SOCIAL MEDIA!  Thanks Facebook.

Now I've also met a few people at blogger events I've been to and connected with afterward and recently I found out that one of them is suffering from cancer.  Cancer SUCKS!  I felt some sort of way about that.  I mean I know her but don't know her and felt strange about leaving "comments" when I read about her diagnosis.  Needless to say I did and she responded that she really needed to hear my kind words and they helped her make it through a difficult day.  Once again I was thankful for touching someone through social media that I wouldn't have been able to reach out to had we not followed one another on Twitter.

Do you have a social media friend that you've connected with and it's grown into a real friendship?  Share in the comments and share with your friend.  I'm sure they'd love to know how great you think they are.  Have a great Monday!

With style,


Photo Cred:  Best Clip Art Blog

Friday, March 21, 2014

Fo Shizzle Fridays | Saving My Single Momma Dollas

Gas is out of control, grocery prices are going up every day.  Who is feeing the pinch in their Michael Kors wallet these days?    \Raising my hand\  I'm making lots of changes over here and saw a few others that I'm considering.  First and foremost I'm changing my cell phone plan.  I have been paying unimaginable fees on my phone for ish I don't even need.  My new savings are now over $60 per month...can you say Happy Momager?  So I'm not letting it stop there.  I'm not as good at couponing as my PIC Erika over there at Cocktails and Conversation but I'm finding some other ways to cash in on some savings.  Maybe they will help you out too.  Take a look below and start stashing that cash Momager, college is just a day away!

1.  Cell phone bill - I read a few tips that suggested trying out Boost Mobile but not to sound like a snot or anything...that really isn't my flavor.  Instead I shopped the major cellular companies in my area and found Sprint had the best deal.  Their new Framily program (sounds strange) saves the more phones you add to the line.  Even if you know of someone that is thinking of signing up for Sprint service and they are not on your account you can join together to get more savings.  If you want to join the Framily plan hit me up I'm looking to get this bill down even further.

2.  Need to go to a fancy event?  Well rent a dress.  I've never tried this service but I'm thinking I have alot of swanky places to go this year so it will have to be on my To Try list.  Sure does beat paying upwards of $200 for something you really are only going to wear once.  Rent the Runway would be the first place I'll try but there are plenty of options out there.  Don't forget shop clearance too!  I scored a gorg full length haute dress a few weeks ago at Macy's for, wait for it.....$32.00.  Ha!  Nothing better than a good deal!

3.  Gas troubles, er in the tank, can really get you down.  We all have felt the pinch in the area.  A good way to slash this budget killa is to car pool but if that isn't an option for you try using Gas Buddy. This website will give you the lowest priced gas in your area.  Oh one other friendly tip I've heard is fill up on Wednesdays, prices normally change on Thursdays.

4.  Shop a lot?  Yeah me too, well I like to at least.  Putting a set amount on pre-loadable cards can help you curb an overspending habit.  I love this idea and will probably implement it with the kids.  The ultimate budget killas that want everything they see.  When they swipe and see ALL the cash is gone it should become really real for them.  LOL  Can't wait to see the look on those faces.

Hope these tips help.  Look at it this way, they surely can't hurt.

Happy saving,

The Curvy Momager

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Whatchu Doin Wednesday | Brackets and Babies

Sorry Sparty!
Now that's a pretty interesting subtitle huh?  So let's start with the brackets!  What kind of Momager would I be if I didn't have a bracket for the Big Dance?  I love March Madness.  These kids play for heart not for pay and it makes the games that much more exciting.  This is actually the first time I've ever done a bracket and I'll have to say it was lots of fun.  The Phenom and I are battling it out on CBS Sports Bracket Challenge and I hope you can join us.  All you have to do is click on the link for CBS Sports I typed in and then look for Curvy Momager Predicts and sign up.  Here's a picture of my bracket and YEP you guessed it I'm picking DUKE to take it all-the-way!  I said that in my best Dick Vitale voice by the way. 

Okay let's get to the babies.  We had such wonderful sponsors for our Girls Night out last week and one of them gave us a really cute gift pack to give away BUT things got a little bit busy and we never gave it away.  So SCORE for my readers right!  Baby Bump Bundle offers products for Moms to be bundled together for each trimester...what a great gift to give a women that's about to have a life changing experience.  They even have packages for newborn necessities and keepsakes plus bundles for nursing moms. 
This gift pack includes a set of baby safe jewelry, travel size lotion and nail polish. 

Here are the rules for the GIVEAWAY.  All you have to do to be entered is leave a comment in the comment section below.  Tell me who your favorite college hoop team is, how your day went, what post of mine you love the most.  Anything just comment and I will use to pick a winner!  Get those comments in and yes you can comment more than once if you want to just comment!  Oh yeah you have to do it before Monday, March 24th at 9:00 PM PST because the winner will be announced on Tuesday March 25th.  Oh yeah you have to do it before Friday, March 28th at 9 PM EST because the winner will be announced on Saturday, March 29th.  LIKE HOW I EXTENDED IT? Of course I got you on shipping and handling too, don't mention it!  Now get on here and comment PEOPLE!  I'm not desperate or anything, tee hee hee.

With Style,

The Curvy Momager

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tequila Talk Tuesday | Beauty & The Beyonce

Switching it up a little for TTT this week.  Instead of my posing a question I'm sharing with you a new web series The Dish where they are inquiring about something we all want to know....The Beyoncé Effect.  I found this on my blog crushes site, Gorgeous in Grey (Hi Ty!) because of course her fabulousness is featured in it.  So check out the epi and answer honestly has The Beyoncé Effect changed the way you act, define beauty, sneeze?  LOL  Catch ya in the comments.

Visit Talking Texture's website (which is pretty cool by the way) and get in on the conversation too: Beauty and the Beyoncé.

Signing off to go listen to Partition....something about that song!

The Curvy Momager

Monday, March 17, 2014

A bit of green with a hint of pink.

A bit of green with a hint of pink.

Jason Wu pink top

Coast going out top
$110 -

Juicy Couture shirts top

Pink top
$41 -

Pull Bear jersey shirt
$38 -

Balmain pants

Dsquared2 jeans

Valentino pink bow pumps

Giuseppe Zanotti pink peep toe pumps
$790 -

Oasis jewel jewelry
$17 -

Aaiko Jeans Nonna Neon Green
$56 -

Moment in Life Monday | Organization Nation

Ahhh where is my mirror function??
Remember I told you I was reading a book to help me get My Life?  Well the name of the book is organize now! by Jennifer Ford Berry but I assure you I still have a loooonnnnggg way to go.  But with such an amazing life as mine I'm allowing my self a little grace.  This week's lesson was pretty mind-blowing however.  I am a professed magazine um, whore yeah yeah that's the correct word -  I pray that they never ever go out of print.  I'm up on Flipbook and reading online but nothing compares to getting to my magazine stack, a hot cup of tea (with lemon/honey) and flipping through the pages.  But the greater joy is going back through it and ripping out all the important stuff I want to keep.  And keep and keep and keep.  LOL  Yeah I have folders full of "clippings".  Well now I have a better system that might work for you, check it out.

Week 1 - Organization Nation [Magazines]

  • Get rid of subscriptions if you find yourself not reading them.  Not only saves paper, space but $!  Remember those Single Mama Dollas!
  • Carry magazines with you.  Never know when you'll have some downtime to catch up so you can purge.  A friend of mine actually admitted to me this week that she reads and drives - I now wait for her to leave work before I pull out of the lot.  CRAZY!!!!
  • Organize an accordion file by category.  Ummph, I guess just throwing papers in there isn't the smartest way to find the article from 2001 I've been searching for.  Use categories that apply to key areas of your life.  Mine were: Blog articles, work, The Mogul, The Phenom, Fashion, Entertaining, Beauty and To be Read.  BONUS: If you have an accordion file that is say coupon size you can fold the articles and stash them in your bag for light reading again while in wait mode.

You can get great tips like these and plenty more by getting the book organize now!  Wish me luck I'm still going through my stacks but I'm feeling vindicated over cutting the clutter.  Pics to come after organization is complete.

Have magazine organization tips?  Sharing is caring so jot some down in the comments below.

Happy organizing,

The Curvy Momager

Friday, March 14, 2014

Fo Shizzle Friday - Girls Night Out fashion

Tonight is the night!  Our Girls Night Out event for the new Tyler Perry Movie, "Single Moms Club" is here!  Now which outfit to select.  I'll post plenty of selfies to let you know my final decision.  Which one do you think? 

Girls Night Out fashion

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Whatchu Doin Wednesday - Things are Blooming

It's March and things are really BLOOMING!  One of my social media girlfriends is doing something really cool for the month of March too!  She's calling it March in Bloom!  Every week @Mika_Joi (IG Handle) places a new floral arrangement in her home near her most creative space.  I absolutely love this idea and stopped by Von's and picked up my "bloom" for the week.  They are a pretty dyed spyder mum in orange and white - talk about being creative!  I hope you'll try her idea this month and let your creativity bloom.  Check out her YouTube vid on March in Bloom and be sure to subscribe for even more inspiration and creative things to do in your life.  Post pictures of your flowers on Twitter and IG and use the hashtag #MarchInBloom and don't forget to tag me (@curvymomager) and Mika!

With Style,

Curvy Momager

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tequila Talk Tuesday - Self Bullying Response

Thank you everyone that responded today.  I appreciate all of your chatter!  Be sure to come back next Tuesday for even more great topics and don't forget the Tequila! Click the arrow below and enjoy, oh and don't forget to join us for Girl Code Talk this evening at 6 PM on my YouTube Channel.


Curvy Momager

Tequila Talk Tuesday - Self Bullying

Join us every week for thought provoking and juicy topics that make you wish you'd have a shot of tequila around that water cooler!

Here is today's topic.  Check back later for my response.

Have a great Tuesday,

Curvy Momager

Monday, March 10, 2014

Moment in Life Monday - Monday Maunin DJ

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I'm playing DJ this morning and sharing with you my new JT find.  Yeah it's been out for a while but they just started blasting it on the radio here and I love this song!  Hope it gets you up and dancing and download it!

With Style,

The Curvy Momager

Friday, March 7, 2014

Fo Shizzle Fridays - Oh Oh Oh Nia on Essence Mag

Photo Cred:  Essence.Com

This. Would. Make. Any. Momager. Happy!

Loving the new cover of Essence Magazine and can't wait to grab my copy today.  This is serious hauteness and that's all about what Fridays are around these parts.  Have an over the top weekend!

Curvy Momager signing off Throwing Diamonds In The Air!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Whatchu Doin' Wednesday

Photo Credit: CineSports

I'm hooked, yes hooked on the new show with Deion Sanders and his family on OWN TV Deion's  Family Playbook.  We've seen Prime Time on the small screen before when he was married to his now ex wife Pilar and how they orchestrated family life.  Well he's back and his family has expanded to 8 kids (4 adopted) and the new show portrays how he's raising them as a single dad.  Wait his mom does live with him.  He also has co-opened a school in the inner city for kids that need a safe environment to learn.  Many of the situations remind him of his own childhood to which he displays his generosity to several students and their families.

Photo Credits:  BallersWives
At first I thought it would be a repeat of the other show, which I loved but this new show has such a new perspective.  Not only is his life as a single dad highlighted but the school he runs along with of course the football team he coaches, is so inspirational.  Go Prime Time!

Another star on the show is Mogul Tracey Edmonds, Deion's girlfriend and they make the cutest couple.  She's raising her two sons in LA and flies in every other weekend to spend time with Deion and the kids.  The brood loves her and so do we as fans.

Looking forward to watching Family Playbook every Saturday and catching it on DVR if I can't.  Thanks for giving us a look into the life of single parenthood from a Dad's POV.  True many single dads raising kids don't have as much bank as Deion but you've got to watch the show to see how errr ummmm thrifty he is.  It's a hoot.  You've got another hit on your hands OWN!

Tune in this week after the season finale of Raising Whitley and let me know what you think.

With Style,

The Curvy Momager 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Moment In Life Monday

I've been gone for a little while from blogging.  Between moving and getting set up with cable and internet it's just been hectic y'all but I'm back and READY!

The Phenom
The Mogul
Just a quick update...things have been absolutely great with me.  The kids have been doing well in school and The Phenom had an amazing basketball season.  He's moving on to track and travel ball so the schedule still remains full.  The Mogul has been on chill mode.  She's getting into social media (nerves on edge) and creating some new friendships at school.  Her next venture is sewing class.  Be on the look out for a Talia Loren Louise original soon.

As for me I have been working on creating some signature pieces for The Curvy Momager line.  It's so exciting and as soon as I can share more information with you guys I will.  So for this Moment In Life Monday things are G-O-O-D!

What have you guys been up to?  You know I love hearing your stories.  Oh before I forget I had a guest appearance on the Talk 2 Q Show last night and if you missed it you can listen by clicking on the player below.  Thanks so much Q, it's always bunches of laughs and good times when I'm on the show.  Looking forward to chatting again soon and keeping my status as the most visited guest. :).


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