Tuesday, May 13, 2014

LMLIM Week 2 | Quick Dry

I've left no heat April behind but I'm still trying to not over heat my hair.  In the December 2012 issue of All You Magazine there was a beauty tip that would help me do just that, an absorbent microfiber bristle brush.  It works Momagers, it really works!  Drying time was cut in less than half.  The key is to brush through the hair several times before even pulling out the blow dryer.  One thing it really didn't do however was make it straight but that's what the flatiron is for right?  For the low price of $10.50 this brush is gonna help save me from blow dry time and hopefully breakage.  Give it a try Momager, this item is Curvy Momager approved!

Beauty tip from All You Magazine, December 2012

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