Wednesday, May 28, 2014

LMLIM Week 4 | Perfect Match

Not only did I see this in Essence magazine but I'd passed by Sephora a few times and noticed they had a new foundation color matching technique called Color IQ.  I never imagined the experience would have been so well, technical.  Momagers you have got to try this.  My make up artist Mario was so helpful and really took his time to get my perfect match.  He even explained the process step by step and all of the products he used on me.  Yes that's pretty standard but I'm sorry he was just awesome.  Okay so here is the process.

They take the wand pictured below and scan three places:  your neck, chin and check. Once that is
done they place the wand information into an iPad that is docked at the make up counter. Three suggestions are given to the make up artist after it has reviewed over 1500 formulas offered at Sephora.  Mario brought over three foundations and placed each on my jaw to confirm a match.  After the match was confirmed he moisturized my face and added primer then the foundation and this is the before and after.

I really did like the match, I actually think it's perfect for all over coverage.  Now one thing I wasn't so crazy about was that it was a bit dry looking after some time so I'm going to go back for a suggestion for help with that.  If you are not ready to purchase they will give you samples to try.  Another amazing part is that this process is absolutely free.  Enjoy and go find your perfect match!

I found this beauty tip in Essence Magazine, 5/14


  1. Great look. I'll certainly go try it out and drag the kid along with me. I may wait until I'm summer brown, though, because my color will certainly change as the seasons do.

    1. Good idea to wait. I'm going to take my daughter as well...she's getting into makeup so I'd better start her out right. Let me know how you like it @doromarketing!