Monday, April 18, 2016

Curvy Momagers Court | Sport Report 4/18/16

Sports news from a Momager's POV......

President Obama beats Steph Curry

Have you seen it?  Steph Curry actually loses to President Obama in Connect Four.  It is the cutest but uber smart video by My Brother's Keeper, a mentorship program for young men.  Barack also shows Steph how to professionally do a resume, reads to him from Audacity of Hope but he ends with helping him clean up his shot.  You can watch the video (and be sure to share it) below.  Last week the President met with other African American celebrities and notable figures to highlight the MBK program.  Way to go Prez!

NBA Advertising on Jerseys - Not feelin it

The NBA has announced that staring with the 2017 season advertisers will get their chance to advertise on player jerseys.  HATED IT!  I really think this stinks but I don't run the company and it's a business move certainly.  I just really hope they don't get outrageous with it.  There is way too much advertisement everywhere else:  The floor, the mop that cleans the floor, arenas inside and out - GEESH enough already.  Can't await to previews these jerseys and really is that going to impact you purchasing an item because a player has it on his jersey?  I dunno but hear the NFL might be next.

Sheryl Swoopes Causing a Stir

It's being reported that former WNBA All Star Sheryl Swoops is having player management problems over at Loyola.  Apparently 12 players have asked for a transfer or to be released from their scholarships.  Players are stating that Swoopes treatment of individual players and her demeanor are the cause for the mass exodus.  Administration has launched an investigation and ensure student-athlete mistreatment will not be tolerated.  The teams record until Swoops since 2013 is 31-62.  Not all players are meant to coach.

MOM School

Well ladies I'm working on video segments of Mom School so stay tuned but until then check out a ref foul call that all bball mamas need to learn about.

Defensive Three SecondsA defensive player is not allowed inside the key area for more than three seconds unless he is
guarding the player with the ball or is actively guarding any opponent. To be considered actively guarding, a defender must be within an arms length of his opponent. If an offensive player moves through the key, the defender must be within an arms length, and also move along with the offensive player. He can not just stand there and put his arms out to the new three-second count.

*Reprint from

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Curvy Momagers Court | Sport Report 3 29 16

Step Curry gets Waxed

Image courtesy of WTOP
Last week Warriors PG and my fav Step Curry received a major honor being immortalized in wax at Madam Tussauds museum in San Fran.  When revealed the 6'3" real version was very pleased with the action result of the figure.  Riley and Ryan were on hand to see their dad receive this honor and both looked major adorns as always.

Kyrie having love triangle issues

Seems that Cleveland Cavs PG Kyrie Irving had a serious case of the Monday's this week.  The players well known girlfriend, Kehlani, was photoged by her ex in bed holding hands to which he placed the photo on social media proclaiming the rekindled love.  No big deal, people fall in and out of love all the time right?  Well after said photo was published by some guy that I've never heard of the internets were all a blaze and memes popped up every place.  Look folks this isn't major I'm sure Kyrie will be quick to move on from this torrid soul.  After all he did just have a little one with a one night stand.  But you don't see me judging.

Momager Tip - Newest in first aid 

And lastly this week, I've found a great new accessory to add to your Momager bags.  A few days ago The Phenom suffered a busted chin (tooth went straight through) and needed stitches.  With a tourney just a few days away he was determined to play so I had to cover up the stitches, incase you know some more 'bows were thrown.  O Magazine featured a new bandage for toned skin a while back and I happened to order some just in time to arrive for this special occasion.  [Notice my sarcasm here okay]  Yes these bandages saved the day and helped blend in with the Chocolate Mambas skin tone.  Me likey likey this product for real and won't be leaving home without them.  Pop over to their sight and order yours at
                                                                                    in three different shades.  Tell 'em the Curvy      
                                                                                    Momager sent ya!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Curvy Momager Sport Report | 3 21 16

Well this post has taken a minute to put up.  I guess that's what happens when things start exploding!  But its always great to get back to your roots so here goes....

Prayers up for Craig Sager

We are sadden to hear about the return of Craig's leukemia and his continued battle.  The infamous
sportscaster will be featured on HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel tonight discussing his recent doctors report.  Not only do I love seeing Craig during the NBA games but really love his appreciation for the game and the players.  Praying for you Sager!

Busted, Disgusted and Can't be Trusted

Yes it's that time of the year where we all attempt to find the golden ticket to who will win the bracket challenge.  This year has been no different for me because my bracket was busted the second day.  Can you say Michigan State?  How does that happen?  Welp it's still been such an amazing bout of games I finally threw away my tissue and enjoyed the weekend's worth of games.  Great to see one of my Momager girlfriends DeAndre Bembry lead his St. Joe's team past a first round win.  Oregon banged out on them in the end but these are the stories March Madness is made of.

Mom School

Alright mom's time to get your learn on.  What would you say is one thing you get wrong when watching your favorite MVP play?  Foul calls?  Don't worry me too, I ain't shame to admit that I yell at zebras and don't have a clue, well sometimes.  So this week's Mom School is dedicated to the travel foul call.

Courtesy of BBC Sports
This call is called more than any other in games, the travel call.  When the ref rotates his arms as pictured below a player has taken a step on the court and not dribbled the ball.  This call can cause the ball to be turned over to the other team.  It's difficult to detect sometimes especially with players that travel the floor quickly but sometimes it's extremely obvious and never called, hello James Harden!  Now here's a bonus.  If your player shoots and the ball doesn't hit the rim, backboard or hoop and they attempt to touch the ball they will get a whistle, according to NBA rules.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Curvy Momager's Court | Be the 1st

That's right you can be the 1st Momager on your squad to swag out the new shirt from the Curvy Momager Collection.  Check out the new trendy university "Basketball Mom Swag" shirt on our ordering site today by clicking this link: Curvy Momager's Court 

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Curvy Momager

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Getting out of a RUT. Care to join me?

Howdy there!  Yes I have been MIA for about three months now.  I think I consider that a rut although I've been pretty cheery and bubble just not wanted to touch computer screen.  One reason, work has been ultra busy.  The 9-5 gets that way in the last quarter of the year.  So I've got to get out of this work rut and back into hustle mode.  Which is where I truly find most of my joy!  So to begin I re-read an article from MORE magazine and found a few steps to move past this rut.

Listen to your power playlist.  Here are a few songs on mine:
                    Right Hand by Drake
                    Love on Top by Beyonce
                    679 by Fetty Wap featuring The Remy Boyz
                    Flashlight by Jessie J
                    Do It Like Me Challenge by
                    I'm Sorry by Justin Bieber

Count my blessings  The article suggest doing this once a week but I say every day!

Throw 9 things away each day.  Feng shui says cleaning clutter opens up new ideas and opportunities.

Write letters of gratitude to 10 people, or a card.  Don't send an email or text!

Teach someone something.  Currently teaching my daughter to count money when making change.  Truly a lost art.

Listen to an inspiring speech "The Power of Introverts" by Susan Cain on

Read an inspiring book, my choice You are a Badass

Doodle or color.  Can you say adult coloring books?  They are the newest crazy and you can find them literally everywhere.  Don't forget the color pencils too.

There you have it, give it a try.  January is my get out of the RUT month so February better look out.