Wednesday, May 14, 2014

LMLIM Week 3 | I'm Suga Free

Loving this new sugar free dessert I found in All You Magazine.  It's part of an article on decreasing the amount of sugar in your diet.  So many great tips found in there but this banana one is the bomb.diggitycom!  It's not only ultra easy to make but reminds me of ice cream.  Ice cream that I love and can never eat!  I'll be honest I was slightly leary because I wasn't sure of what the consistency was going to be like but trust and believe you are going to love this delightful dessert.  I'll give you a bit of a secret tho....I actually had it for breakfast. 

There is a small amount of prep time involved, freezing a banana, but so worth it.  I also discovered through the process that I need a new blender!  Oh well, bon appetite!

Food tip from All You Magazine, May 2014

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