Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Whatchu Doin Wednesdays | Livin My Life in Magazines

I have already professed to everyone how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE magazines.  Well as I was going through and getting some of the clutter out of the house I had what Mama Oprah calls an Ahh Moment.  I'm always tearing out pieces of magazines and keeping them for future reference and future reference and future reference.  Yeah you get it.  So it's time to either start using some of the advice I'm saving or throw it away.

So here's the skinny.  Over the next month each week I'll be picking a tip from each of the following categories to try out:

  • Beauty
  • Food
  • Lifestyle (Fitness, entertaining, etc.)
  • Fashion
  • DIY (I'm a little nervous about this one)

Each day I'll share my experiences right here for the world to see and maybe get a chuckle out of.  It
shall be interesting.  Be sure you follow along, you might get inspired yourself.  Okay I'm off to scour through my clippings...hopefully I'll be able to tackle my clutter at the same time.


The Curvy Momager

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