Monday, April 28, 2014

LMLIM Week 1 | A Chic Chignon

LMLIM = Living My Life In Magazines, you can read the first post about this "project" by clicking here======> Living My Life In Magazines

I have always wanted one of these in my hair.  Trying several times and failing you can imagine how excited I was to find this really quick and easy way to create a chignon.  I don't even really know how to pronounce it.  Teeheehee

There are two modifications I did however to this tip.

     1.  Since this is No Heat April for me I had to work this with some curly/wavy hair.
     2.  I didn't use any hairspray.  It leaves my hear very dry and feeling funny.

So here is the tip from the magazine and below are pictures of how my style turned out.

I actually like it and plan on wearing it a lot in the hot summers of Bakersfield.  My only issues were I'm not a fan of rubberbands in my hair because when you take them out they pull at the hair.  I also had to keep re-adjusting the actual chignon during the day because I felt pieces coming down.  Maybe that is why the hairspray would have been a good idea.  None the less I'm very happy with the result.  Let me know if you try this tip and send me some pics.

Beauty tip found in All You Magazine 3/14

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  1. Love the new hair style. I think I will try this out for a cute summertime look. :-)