Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tequila Talk Tuesday - Single Mom Date

Usually the TTT is only on Facebook but today I decided to make sure I share this topic with all my blogger friends BUT make sure you follow on Facebook too!  Here's the topic, give us your answer in the comment section.  The Curvy Momager will share her response later in the day.

  • Tequila Talk Tuesday: Fellas chime in on this one. A single mom goes on a date with someone new. They have a great time. She brings him home and he finds that she is a mom, something she didn't reveal during their date. She left her young (under 9) children at home while on her date. That night he stays over and they "sleep" together. As a man what do you think of the encounter? Do you respect the mom for leaving her kids alone while on a date with you? What do you think about meeting her children and not even knowing she had children? Thanks Author Crystal Hickerson so giving me this topic today!

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