Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Whatchu Doin Wednesday - April Photo Fitness Challenge

Yep you guys are about to put up with my fitness photos everyday over the next month.  These challenges seriously get me motivated, besides the tightness of all my waistbands lately.  I took a month off (much needed) and I really can tell the difference.  No beating myself up though because I'm gonna WIN!  Join me for April's photo fitness challenge and tag me on Instagram when you post your pics @curvymomager.  Let's do this together 'cuz team work make a dream work!

Staying dedicated,

The Curvy Momager

PS.  The winner of our Brackets and Babies Challenge was Nicole Penney of the blog Business of Being Mom.   Thanks for entering Nicole!  Be sure to check out her Mommy Blog all about how she is surviving Mommyhood!

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