Saturday, April 26, 2014

A special weekend edition of Livin It Up With The Curvy Momager

You all know I rarely post anything on the weekends BUT we aren't traveling so I have a little spare time.  I have news that I'm pretty excited about too!  Last year one of my Vision Board goals was to be in a magazine.  I didn't know what for, how it was going to happen or even if anyone would be interested but it was my goal.  In November I was fortunate enough to link up with someone from All You Magazine and VIOLA that accomplishment has been checked off.  It took a while for me to appear but this month (the May Issue) you will find me on page 111.  [Insert Saturday Night Fever dance emoji here]

Now before you go calling my momma and congratulating her it is just a small feature...featurette...hell they mentioned me but I'm elated.  When you put out those little nuggets in the universe they really do come back.  One pretty major piece too is, as I was reading Essence magazine last night I just happen to see an advertisement for All You Magazine.  Which means more people are finding out about the publication.  HOLLA!!!  Another nice piece is that it falls right into my format of Single Mama Dollas that you see on my blog occasionally AND my new segment Living My Life In Magazines SCORE!!! 

All You Magazine is sold at Walmart and Vons but you might find it in more areas.  Check their website!
Thanks All You, I hope we can work together again.  I really have a lot more people to reach with my message ya know!?!?!? 

Lovin Life,

The Curvy Momager

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