Friday, March 21, 2014

Fo Shizzle Fridays | Saving My Single Momma Dollas

Gas is out of control, grocery prices are going up every day.  Who is feeing the pinch in their Michael Kors wallet these days?    \Raising my hand\  I'm making lots of changes over here and saw a few others that I'm considering.  First and foremost I'm changing my cell phone plan.  I have been paying unimaginable fees on my phone for ish I don't even need.  My new savings are now over $60 per month...can you say Happy Momager?  So I'm not letting it stop there.  I'm not as good at couponing as my PIC Erika over there at Cocktails and Conversation but I'm finding some other ways to cash in on some savings.  Maybe they will help you out too.  Take a look below and start stashing that cash Momager, college is just a day away!

1.  Cell phone bill - I read a few tips that suggested trying out Boost Mobile but not to sound like a snot or anything...that really isn't my flavor.  Instead I shopped the major cellular companies in my area and found Sprint had the best deal.  Their new Framily program (sounds strange) saves the more phones you add to the line.  Even if you know of someone that is thinking of signing up for Sprint service and they are not on your account you can join together to get more savings.  If you want to join the Framily plan hit me up I'm looking to get this bill down even further.

2.  Need to go to a fancy event?  Well rent a dress.  I've never tried this service but I'm thinking I have alot of swanky places to go this year so it will have to be on my To Try list.  Sure does beat paying upwards of $200 for something you really are only going to wear once.  Rent the Runway would be the first place I'll try but there are plenty of options out there.  Don't forget shop clearance too!  I scored a gorg full length haute dress a few weeks ago at Macy's for, wait for it.....$32.00.  Ha!  Nothing better than a good deal!

3.  Gas troubles, er in the tank, can really get you down.  We all have felt the pinch in the area.  A good way to slash this budget killa is to car pool but if that isn't an option for you try using Gas Buddy. This website will give you the lowest priced gas in your area.  Oh one other friendly tip I've heard is fill up on Wednesdays, prices normally change on Thursdays.

4.  Shop a lot?  Yeah me too, well I like to at least.  Putting a set amount on pre-loadable cards can help you curb an overspending habit.  I love this idea and will probably implement it with the kids.  The ultimate budget killas that want everything they see.  When they swipe and see ALL the cash is gone it should become really real for them.  LOL  Can't wait to see the look on those faces.

Hope these tips help.  Look at it this way, they surely can't hurt.

Happy saving,

The Curvy Momager

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