Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tequila Talk Tuesday | He Said, She Said with True Speech

It's the infamous relationship social media question, "Why don't you share our picture on your social media accounts?"  It all started when I saw the following post on Angie Yee's IG account:

I've been going through little issues with my lady about why I don't post thousands of pics all over social media with cheesy captions like others do.  I do put up random pics of her occasionally but I've always took social media as being strictly entertainment, not to much personal.  When she sees guys post pics of their lady all day she says that you can tell that those guys are faithful and questions me about if I am LOL.  What do you think?

Check out how True Speech and I tackle this question from a male vs. female perspective.

He Said......

I believe that nowadays social media grants far to many people access into private details of your life. Me personally I am a very private individual and do not broadcast my life for the world to see, especially my dating life.  The Internet is a 24 hour reality TV show where anyone and everyone can  chime in and give their opinions based on the perception of what they see.  So when it comes to posting tons of random and cheesy pictures with your girlfriend for the world to see (mainly strangers who have no business in the confines of your relationship in the first place) then you are doing nothing more than seeking alienation from people who don't really matter.

I find that most young women today crave and seek attention from social media in order to not only validate themselves, but validate their relationships as well, which in turn gives them a false sense of security.  My advice, talk to your girl and let her know that you are truly in your relationship for the both of you, and not simply for likes and comments online.  The foundation of a relationship can not be built through cell phone pictures and cute captions but rather two people who are truly committed to one another regardless of external factors.  There is nothing wrong with showing your lady that you are proud to claim her and show that you truly care for her and as a man you should BUT EVERYTHING must be done in moderation and only for the right reasons.

She Said......

Ahhh, yes as ladies we want to make sure the internet trolls aren't out there lurking on pages trying to get our boos.  What some women don't realize is that a picture saying some cute caption doesn't stop a woman from coming for your man or vice versa.  If you are just in a dating relationship, chill girl because if he isn't doing key things like introducing you to family, taking you out to places or allowing you over his home (especially when he isn't there) posting your picture on The Gram won't make a difference.

If this is a deal breaker for you I have some not so good news, it's not going to change.  He has made his intentions known and by continuing to bark about the same thing it's going to get old with him really quick.  The good news is sharing on your page is your right and if he has a problem with that then some basic core components of the relationship are lacking.  Social media does not make a relationship, it has destroyed more relationships then I care to think of.  Use it as a tool to stay in communication with people not to prove that you can have a man.  The most humble of people gain the respect of men and the women that are trying to get what they think you have.  By giving them a daily "vomit" of how much ya'll are boo'd up won't stop the thirst of others it might just fuel the wrong kind of attention.

Feel free to chime in the comments section and tell us how you feel on the subject.  Also be sure to follow True Speech on IG and Twitter @mytruespeech and check out his recently released album Pirate Radio on The Family Grind label.  Thanks for joining me for He Said, She Said this week True!

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