Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Moms on Fiyah | Judge Lauren Lake

Moms have to do so much that it's only right that I spotlight them on my blog.  After all this Momager Movement is spreading and Moms are supporting each other and shining.  Judge Lauren Lake is one of those moms that is shining so much that when I asked her if she could name a nail polish after herself she said, "Limitless" and that it would, "be platinum to reflect all the hue of the sun."  Well now....

Judge Lake gives straight advice on her hit show Paternity Court that is back for another season September 22nd.  If you've never caught a show set the DVR because you're missing some really good TV.  Some people compare it to the, You're The Father of Maurie Povich fame but nah....Judge Lake is more than truth telling serum, her quick witted advice gives troubled families real life solutions to paternity issues.

Her most passionate shows are ones that bring families closer together after being torn apart by a paternity secret.  The goal for the show when she started has been met and has surpassed her expectations.  The positive response from the audience and number of families helped as a result of the show are rewards for producing a quality program aimed at uplifting families. Success of the show is evident and the viewers will have an opportunity to see many updates from the previous season on how families are working out their deepest paternity issues, thanks to the advice given by Judge Lauren.   More no nonsense advice and raw emotion are in store for this season as well.  Check out a preview of what you can expect when the new season starts on 9/22/14.

Emotions are going to be really displayed for all to see and most importantly learn from.  Judge Lake's message to fatherless children is to not repeat the cycle.  Her advice, "First protect yourself when having sex.  Second if paternity is ever an issue, do something about it.  Don't let it fester.  Get the answers you need so all parties can move forward."

This mom is actually more than on fiyah she's glowing.  Raising a young son, being the star of a highly viewed television show and saving families from downward spiraling is all in a days work for her.  I for one am excited to see what the new season will offer viewers and am in hope that the tons of people watching are learning from the lessons given using it to diminish the number of fatherless children.  Thank you Judge Lauren for being a voice willing to share your wisdom and generosity with others.  You are in fact Limitless.

Check your local listings for times in your area and also follow the show on social media, Instagram - @paternitycourttv Twitter - @paternitycourt and Facebook -

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  1. Judge Lake, you are truly awesome! I appreciate your strength, wit, compassion, and no-nonsense attitude. Thank you for all that you do for others...