Monday, September 15, 2014

Momager Dopeness | Apple has sparked my creativity

This morning I'm feeling really motivated and inspired.  One reason is because one of my good friends at Marlin Page was hanging with Oprah Winfrey at her Detroit leg of her Live Your Best Life tour.  I mean really....Ms. O!  That was something pretty awesome.  Congrats Marlin and Oprah!  Then something else happened. 

Yesterday The Phenom was working on his article for the school newspaper.  It was on technology and he decided to talk about the new IPhone 6.  Part of his research was to watch the most recent Apple Live event.  I started watching with him and just shook my head at the magnitude they launch their products and it just got me motivated and charged to keep being CREATIVE.  If you haven't seen it check it out by clicking the video below and don't just salivate at the new IPhone but use it to get you inspired for you own launch. 

Keep growing,

Curvy Momager

                                                     From the Apple YouTube account

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