Monday, September 1, 2014

The Phenom | Time for Driving Lessons

I would really rather prefer The Phenom learn to drive the lane instead of driving my car.  The time has come however for him to take driving classes and nerves can not take it!  I remember when I
was learning to drive and how patient my mother was, I don't have that same patience.  It's not that I don't think he can do it I just envision all the times I have had to say, "Kyle did you take out the trash?"  or when he's called to say..."Mom I forgot my deodorant, can you drop it off at school?"  Why would I want such a forgetful child to be on the road maneuvering in traffic?   Am I being over dramatic?  I have that tendency but really this is scaring me.

My first step, I guess, is online driving school.  I have a feeling those 20 hours are going to go fast and he'll be ready to move on to the actual driving classes and practicing in my car.  Oy!  I'm looking for suggestions Momagers.  How have you dealt with your teen learning to drive?  I mean this is really frazzling me and I'm not easily frazzled.  Help a Mom out!

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