Friday, September 5, 2014

Momager Dopeness | 5 things Curvy Girls like to hear

Curvy girls work hard to get that way. No easy fixes on this (somewhat) smaller waist and round hips.  Besides these things HURT, worse than Spanx and ladies they truly aren't good for you.  Just hit the gym.

These bras are sold at Lane Bryant and they have some stand alone stores in malls.   They are cute, comfy, sophisticated, sexy, girly, sleek, fit and oh yeah pricey.  But you really can't complain because they really give the Curvy Girl a great bra option.  Something that was hard to find years ago.

I think every women wants to hear this but for a Curvy Girl it gives us that extra confidence to give it a little extra swerve.  Most times it makes me feel like Beyonce in the Grown Woman video when she smashes all the mirrors....WERK!

Trust me even if she hasn't lost any weight you
can never go wrong with this comment.  Unless she's PMSing or something.  Somebody tells me this and I'm running to have McDonald's for lunch. snicker

Who doesn't want to be a fashionista?  I mean when I hear this I feel like Hurricane Curvynista and want to offer my curvy style advice to everyone.  This let's a Curvy Girl know she's on point with dressing stylish and appropriate.

So instead of things you shouldn't say to a Curvy Girl (shame on you Huffington Post) try paying her a compliment and watch how much she'll sparkle.

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