Monday, September 8, 2014

Tequila Talk Tuesday - He Said...She Said

I do a little thing over on my Facebook page and sometimes YouTube account called Tequila Talk Tuesday.  Talking about the subjects that sometimes makes you wanna grab a shot of Tequila and then comment.  This week I'm doing something a tiny bit different and I invited one of my male buds to share his opinion in my first TTT He Said...She Said segment.

So here is the question and it stems from a recently aired episode of Atlanta Ex's.  Would you date a person if you found out they slept (one night stand) with a friend of a friend?

He Said......

Would I date someone who once dated a friend of a friend? Absolutely. Although we men are generally territorial about the women we love, there are some exceptions to the rule. Some women are too good to be true. When you encounter someone like that it changes your way of thinking. But, when you say "friend of a friend," I don't feel as threatened because I may not have to encounter this dude all that often. It's not like he's my friend, he's a "friend OF A friend." Could he poison my friend's mind with ill talks of he and my lady's previous relationship? Yes. But, if she's good for me and to me, then a friend of a friend means nothing to my relationship. Now if my friend once dated this lady then she would be off limits out of respect to my friend. I don't owe my friend's friend jack.

She Said......

First of all I feel the person would be fair game.  If this person was my girlfriend, ace boone coon then the answer would be NO.  At this age anyone you date is going to have a past and as long as the past doesn't directly cross over mine, it's all good.  Second it was a one night stand and their was no emotion involved.  Again fair game.  I think that knowing who you are and expressing your expectations should give you the green light to be happy and enjoy yourself and them. 


  1. I had a great time participating in this with you, Robin!

    1. Always good to get your opinion Q! Looking forward to featuring you again soon.