Monday, March 3, 2014

Moment In Life Monday

I've been gone for a little while from blogging.  Between moving and getting set up with cable and internet it's just been hectic y'all but I'm back and READY!

The Phenom
The Mogul
Just a quick update...things have been absolutely great with me.  The kids have been doing well in school and The Phenom had an amazing basketball season.  He's moving on to track and travel ball so the schedule still remains full.  The Mogul has been on chill mode.  She's getting into social media (nerves on edge) and creating some new friendships at school.  Her next venture is sewing class.  Be on the look out for a Talia Loren Louise original soon.

As for me I have been working on creating some signature pieces for The Curvy Momager line.  It's so exciting and as soon as I can share more information with you guys I will.  So for this Moment In Life Monday things are G-O-O-D!

What have you guys been up to?  You know I love hearing your stories.  Oh before I forget I had a guest appearance on the Talk 2 Q Show last night and if you missed it you can listen by clicking on the player below.  Thanks so much Q, it's always bunches of laughs and good times when I'm on the show.  Looking forward to chatting again soon and keeping my status as the most visited guest. :).


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