Monday, March 24, 2014

Moment In Life Monday | Social Media Friends

We all have them.  They are closer than friends in your head those social media friends.  Folks you've only met through social media but you really make a connection with them.  I often wonder if you have to have some sort of personality in order to create non face to face relationships?  My type B personality is pretty easy to get along with and might be the reason I've developed some great friendships through IG, Facebook and Twitter.

One of the best friendships I've created was with my accountability partner, Meleisha Edwards.  We actually were introduced via FB through a mutual friend and started following each other.  Meleisha, being the wonderful person that she is suggested that we become accountability partners after she read a
post that I put up.  At first we meet once a week via phone making sure we were following up on all of our "to do" list items that we had on our vision boards.  The friendship just grew from there.  I really count Meleisha as someone I can count on to lift me up when I'm doubting myself.  She can put me into overdrive too!  I put out an idea and we plot together on how to get it done.  Don't think it's only one-sided I've listened to her next life steps, read her proposals for blogging adventures and rejoiced with her when she met Queen Latifah -- her idol!  She even starred in a movie with her once.  My friend is just fabulous and without this wonderful thing called social media I probably would have not built this friendship.  I love SOCIAL MEDIA!  Thanks Facebook.

Now I've also met a few people at blogger events I've been to and connected with afterward and recently I found out that one of them is suffering from cancer.  Cancer SUCKS!  I felt some sort of way about that.  I mean I know her but don't know her and felt strange about leaving "comments" when I read about her diagnosis.  Needless to say I did and she responded that she really needed to hear my kind words and they helped her make it through a difficult day.  Once again I was thankful for touching someone through social media that I wouldn't have been able to reach out to had we not followed one another on Twitter.

Do you have a social media friend that you've connected with and it's grown into a real friendship?  Share in the comments and share with your friend.  I'm sure they'd love to know how great you think they are.  Have a great Monday!

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