Monday, March 17, 2014

Moment in Life Monday | Organization Nation

Ahhh where is my mirror function??
Remember I told you I was reading a book to help me get My Life?  Well the name of the book is organize now! by Jennifer Ford Berry but I assure you I still have a loooonnnnggg way to go.  But with such an amazing life as mine I'm allowing my self a little grace.  This week's lesson was pretty mind-blowing however.  I am a professed magazine um, whore yeah yeah that's the correct word -  I pray that they never ever go out of print.  I'm up on Flipbook and reading online but nothing compares to getting to my magazine stack, a hot cup of tea (with lemon/honey) and flipping through the pages.  But the greater joy is going back through it and ripping out all the important stuff I want to keep.  And keep and keep and keep.  LOL  Yeah I have folders full of "clippings".  Well now I have a better system that might work for you, check it out.

Week 1 - Organization Nation [Magazines]

  • Get rid of subscriptions if you find yourself not reading them.  Not only saves paper, space but $!  Remember those Single Mama Dollas!
  • Carry magazines with you.  Never know when you'll have some downtime to catch up so you can purge.  A friend of mine actually admitted to me this week that she reads and drives - I now wait for her to leave work before I pull out of the lot.  CRAZY!!!!
  • Organize an accordion file by category.  Ummph, I guess just throwing papers in there isn't the smartest way to find the article from 2001 I've been searching for.  Use categories that apply to key areas of your life.  Mine were: Blog articles, work, The Mogul, The Phenom, Fashion, Entertaining, Beauty and To be Read.  BONUS: If you have an accordion file that is say coupon size you can fold the articles and stash them in your bag for light reading again while in wait mode.

You can get great tips like these and plenty more by getting the book organize now!  Wish me luck I'm still going through my stacks but I'm feeling vindicated over cutting the clutter.  Pics to come after organization is complete.

Have magazine organization tips?  Sharing is caring so jot some down in the comments below.

Happy organizing,

The Curvy Momager

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