Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tequila Talk Tuesday | Beauty & The Beyonce

Switching it up a little for TTT this week.  Instead of my posing a question I'm sharing with you a new web series The Dish where they are inquiring about something we all want to know....The Beyoncé Effect.  I found this on my blog crushes site, Gorgeous in Grey (Hi Ty!) because of course her fabulousness is featured in it.  So check out the epi and answer honestly has The Beyoncé Effect changed the way you act, define beauty, sneeze?  LOL  Catch ya in the comments.

Visit Talking Texture's website (which is pretty cool by the way) and get in on the conversation too: Beauty and the Beyoncé.

Signing off to go listen to Partition....something about that song!

The Curvy Momager

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  1. I don't know. They seem way too into Beyonce to be grown women. She has Beyonce as a screen saver on her phone? LOL! I guess I'm at the age where no one on TV has an influence in my life. Not since I was in my early 20's probably. I like Beyonce, but I don't get the "goddess factor" when it comes to her. It seems more manufactured than natural to me.