Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday | This made me feel ahmazin'

This morning I opened up my Blogger account to go in and work on a post and was just stunned when I saw this:

3000 Hits to my blog so far in 6 months?  Trust me I was amazed and THANKFUL.  Sure it may seem like a small number to all those fabulous DIVA bloggers out there that clearly surpass this number in a week but for this Full Time Momager, Full Time Working Volunteer Manager, Full Time Girlfriend, 1/4 Time Radio Host and all the time fabulous girl, fitting it all in is no easy task.  If you are one of the 3000 hits thank you so much for enjoying my passion.  I pray you will continue to tune in and keep growing our community and have lots of laughs while doing it.

With many thanks,

The Curvy Momager

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