Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Whatchu Doin' Wednesday | NickMom's Challenge

I thought this Not-So-Challenging Challenge was so cute posted by NickMom on Twitter.  The Mogul is a little bit too old to participate but I'm going to make her do it anyway.  You see she's been wanting me to do all these CRAZY challenges with her the can food, Bean Boozled and saltine cracker challenges so this is my turn to get her back.  By the way I haven't tried any of them yet but she ordered the jelly beans so be ready for the YouTube video.  Many of you probably have a kid that fits this challenge and is more age appropriate so be sure to check it out.  I'll be looking for your post on Twitter under the #NickMomChallenge.


March 24th - Draw a picture of Mom
March 25th - Write a sentence about an animal
March 26th - Tie your shoelaces
March 27th - Dress yourself
March 28th - Make yourself a bowl of cereal
March 31st - Make a sandwich of your choosing
April 1st - Do mom's nails or makeup
April 2nd - Do mom's hair
April 3rd - Send a text
April 4th - Take a selfie

Grab your camera, kids and have some FUN!

With Style,

The Curvy Momager

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