Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Whatchu Doin Wednesday | Getting My Finances Together

I first met Patrice Washington (virtually) a little over a year ago when she appeared on the radio show that I co-hosted, Cocktails and Conversation.  She joined us to chat about money matters for women and got me to really think about some financial mistakes I'd made and "covered" up with some pretty dumb (yeah dumb) excuses.  The really cool thing was she didn't make me feel dumb at all because the advice she gave was extremely practical and is explained in greater detail her book Real Money Answers for Every Woman.  [Click the link to purchase your copy and check out a sample of Chapter 1]

Let's face it nobody really wants to read a financial book especially if you are being careless with your money.  [Insert guilty face] Patrices' straight no chaser advice with a splash of comedy makes you want to delve into each chapter so you too can learn to Win at the Money Game.  Don't we all want to win at that game?  And ladies it's so doable on our own.  Do you know that females are leaders when it comes to managing successful home based businesses?  Many becoming millionaires!  I think it's time we all get this money thing together and Real Money Answers is the perfect start for reaching your financial goals.

Even if you weren't taught about money as a child, as many of us aren't it's never to late.  I say that especially to my single moms like me that are trying to figure out how everything is going to get done.  As Patrice says, "everything can be budgeted for".  This part really struck me because I'm always making excuses for why I don't have enough for this or for that because this or that emergency came up when I knew all along it was going to happen.  That small piece of advice I gained from reading the book has helped me refocus and think how I can make changes for future financial success.  So thanks to Patrice I made a major decision to downsize for a little while so that life's little (well-known) emergencies can be handled and I can still pay the bills!

Get this book today and get ready for Patrice's wisdom and wit helping you on your way to financial success.

If you are up driving around battling the weather tune into The Steve Harvey Morning Show and listen to Steve interview Patrice about her book at 8:30 am EST today.  I've got my hot chocolate ready to sip cause I'm gon learn today!

Getting my money swag on,

The CurvyMomager

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