Monday, January 20, 2014

Moment in Life Monday | Inspire yourself

Pick a favorite photo or yourself or maybe even too.  Don't be afraid to go all the waaaay back to grade school if you have one and make a mental note of 3 things (or more) that you like about the photo.  Want to be even more inspiring?  Post it on Instagram and inspire someone else.  If you do tag me @curvymomager and #inspirewithCM

Here goes....

     1.  Absolutely love my legs in the shot!  Nothing like standing like a pageant Queen!  #BowDown 

     2.  Photo is taken at one of my favorite vacation spots JAMAICA 

     3.  Let's face it my shape was Brick S*#t House status.  LOL  Okay feeling myself a little today but realizing it was many years ago.  Hahaha

Go on give it a try, that felt pretty darn GREAT!

Curvy Momager 

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