Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Whatchu Doin Wednesday | I'm listening too....

Man I have really been under the weather this week....wait take that back.  I really have had an eye infection because of a bad eyelash job that has made me seriously ill.  So ill I haven't even been on the internet, I was wondering if someone needed to check my pulse.  This is the second time this has happened and I vow I'll never do it again.  Well, I will wear lashes again but only the strips I attempt to put on myself.  It ain't worth it man...kaute or not!

So I haven't been up to much but I have really been listening to this song on repeat and hope you enjoy it to.  It just puts you in a really good mood.  What have you been listening too?  I need to update my playlist it's getting a little stale except for that Yonce CD.  It's also in heavy rotation...don't judge me!  Put one of your favs in the comment section so I can freshen up my iTunes library and don't forget to add this one by Pharrell if you haven't already.  Ciao.

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