Friday, January 10, 2014

Fo Shizzle Fridays | At Home Mani

Ladies!  I have never been a fan of painting my own nails.  One hand comes out perfect and the other  looks like I was driving, texting and trying to paint them at the same time.  No bueno!  If you are an at home mani girl however here are few HAUTE tips for you from celeb manicurist Jin Soon Choi.

Is that Bey and Jay on her nails? 
Lacquer Lesson 1 | To get a little extra time out of your mani paint the tips of the nail with another coat of clear.  Texting, typing and other tasks put more wear and tear on that area and the extra coat helps with less chipping.

Lacquer Lesson 2 | Need to get dry quickly?  Try the cool shot button on your hair dryer and ditch the " quick dry" sprays.

Lacquer Lesson 3 | Fan of using a gel nail system at home?  Only do it once a month.  Gel makes the nails brittle and causes drying. 

Happy painting!

Curvy Momager

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