Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Whatchu Doin Wednesday | Making folks feel great

It’s so close to Christmas I can’t even believe it.  I really have not been much into the Holiday spirit until yesterday when I planned a Christmas dinner for the employees at work.  Sharing smiles and “Merry Christmas” with over 500 employees and their families was just heartwarming.  So I decided I wanted that feeling to continue throughout the rest of the Holiday season.  I will be practicing Random Acts of Kindness until Christmas Day and would love for all of my fans to join me.  It’s really simple and doesn’t have to be extravagant at all.  Here is my Day 1 RAK:
These cookies from Starbucks are a Random Act of Kindness themselves.
One of my daughter’s teachers has just been awesome this year so giving her this note is really the least I can do.  Now it’s your turn.  Go out there and practice some random acts of kindness and be sure to tag me in your pics.  (IG, Twitter and FB @curvymomager) Yep I wanna share all the amazingness with the world, I'll share my favorites on Christmas.  Remember it doesn’t have to be anything big and don’t be shy about taking a pic, it’s all for the greater good.  I met the gentleman that actually started the Random Acts of Kindness movement and he told me, “No act is ever to small and should be shared to let others know that humankind really has a heart.”

Headed out to be kind,

 Curvy Momager

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