Monday, December 16, 2013

Moment In Life Monday | I am Beyonce well....

a girl can dream can't she.  Seriously tho who knew?  Somebody had to know all this fabulousness she is calling a Visual CD was coming out.  Sensual, dark, slow, mysterious are words I'd use to describe the self entitled music so I guess that Friday the 13th was the perfect release date.  So yep this Moment in Life in Monday is dedicated to Queen/King Bey for giving us some newness...hardest working chick in the game.  No dis to the other fabulous Divas but ya'll gotta admit she knocked it to the moon on this.

Top Five Favs

1.  Drunk in Love - that video is on repeat on the iPad
2.  Jealousy - the words
3.  Grown Woman - been waiting for this to be released since the Super Bowl last year
4.  Partition - um....I knowing a little bit more about Bey and Jay's bedroom antics than I might want too.
5.  Flawless - I woke up like this (Ha, sure did!)

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