Monday, December 9, 2013

Moment in Life Monday | When raising children

As you all know I've been doing a bit of reading lately and I picked up an old book and dusted it off, exactly as i am by Shaun Robinson.  It's a collection of short stories from well known women about what it takes to believe in yourself.

The story by Gabrielle Union caught my attention.  She stressed that as a child she grew up and her parents always were pushing her to be better than she was.  A straight A student was being pushed to get A pluses and questioned as to why she missed one question on a test.  These accusations only made her feel more insecure around her peers that were seriously excelling.  These feelings of course affected her self esteem causing her to question herself while growing up.

After reading this story I really saw myself in her parents.  I can recall telling The Phenom, yeah you made that three pointer but if you'd made that free throw.  Or mentioning to The Mogul, well you know if you'd started on that project last week you probably would have gotten an A.  Ahh parenting, there is no manual.  Yes, of course I want them to always be the best in what they do but dang when they are trying their hardest I might just be kicking them in the gut.  Breathe Momager breathe!  I mean look how Gabby turned out but reading her journey made me think about some of my parenting skills.  Maybe a little bit of listening and less judgement might be a better approach.  I would hate for these lil people to regret me one day.  It's such a balancing act but raising these well-rounded kids that are doing great and if I don't say it enough I'm proud of you guys and you're doing amazing and accomplishing wonderful things.

Maybe we should take a minute and tell our kids just how amazing they are!

If you haven't read the book by Robinson click on the video below on the book from YouTube.

Stay strong Momagers,

Curvy Momager

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