Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Whatchu Doin Wednesdays | The Unselfie

Now is it unselfish to take a photo of...yourself...doing an act of kindness and post it on social media?  Hmmm.....  Something about that just doesn't seem, well, err quite right.  Tons of celebs and fabulous everdayers are doing just that though.  Each Tuesday you'll see post on your local IG feed of people doing "selfless acts" and spreading them in hopes of going viral.  Yeah I know you all are saying in your head, "This chick shares her entire life on SM." so I see how people want to spread their good works but don't pretend that it's unselfish to do so.  Call a spade a spade.  One goodie from it however is that it will hopefully catch on and the act of volunteering or practicing random kindness will be the real benefit of going viral.  And that is the real story here.  As a matter of fact many non-profit organizations are benefiting by these post and tons of #moneyisbeingdonated. (How'd you like that hashtag? :))  

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So go ahead next Tuesday and posterize yourself for something other than that OOTD and show us how you unselfie yourself by tagging @curvymomager in your post.

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