Monday, March 21, 2016

Curvy Momager Sport Report | 3 21 16

Well this post has taken a minute to put up.  I guess that's what happens when things start exploding!  But its always great to get back to your roots so here goes....

Prayers up for Craig Sager

We are sadden to hear about the return of Craig's leukemia and his continued battle.  The infamous
sportscaster will be featured on HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel tonight discussing his recent doctors report.  Not only do I love seeing Craig during the NBA games but really love his appreciation for the game and the players.  Praying for you Sager!

Busted, Disgusted and Can't be Trusted

Yes it's that time of the year where we all attempt to find the golden ticket to who will win the bracket challenge.  This year has been no different for me because my bracket was busted the second day.  Can you say Michigan State?  How does that happen?  Welp it's still been such an amazing bout of games I finally threw away my tissue and enjoyed the weekend's worth of games.  Great to see one of my Momager girlfriends DeAndre Bembry lead his St. Joe's team past a first round win.  Oregon banged out on them in the end but these are the stories March Madness is made of.

Mom School

Alright mom's time to get your learn on.  What would you say is one thing you get wrong when watching your favorite MVP play?  Foul calls?  Don't worry me too, I ain't shame to admit that I yell at zebras and don't have a clue, well sometimes.  So this week's Mom School is dedicated to the travel foul call.

Courtesy of BBC Sports
This call is called more than any other in games, the travel call.  When the ref rotates his arms as pictured below a player has taken a step on the court and not dribbled the ball.  This call can cause the ball to be turned over to the other team.  It's difficult to detect sometimes especially with players that travel the floor quickly but sometimes it's extremely obvious and never called, hello James Harden!  Now here's a bonus.  If your player shoots and the ball doesn't hit the rim, backboard or hoop and they attempt to touch the ball they will get a whistle, according to NBA rules.

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