Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Curvy Momagers Court | Sport Report 3 29 16

Step Curry gets Waxed

Image courtesy of WTOP
Last week Warriors PG and my fav Step Curry received a major honor being immortalized in wax at Madam Tussauds museum in San Fran.  When revealed the 6'3" real version was very pleased with the action result of the figure.  Riley and Ryan were on hand to see their dad receive this honor and both looked major adorns as always.

Kyrie having love triangle issues

Seems that Cleveland Cavs PG Kyrie Irving had a serious case of the Monday's this week.  The players well known girlfriend, Kehlani, was photoged by her ex in bed holding hands to which he placed the photo on social media proclaiming the rekindled love.  No big deal, people fall in and out of love all the time right?  Well after said photo was published by some guy that I've never heard of the internets were all a blaze and memes popped up every place.  Look folks this isn't major I'm sure Kyrie will be quick to move on from this torrid soul.  After all he did just have a little one with a one night stand.  But you don't see me judging.

Momager Tip - Newest in first aid 

And lastly this week, I've found a great new accessory to add to your Momager bags.  A few days ago The Phenom suffered a busted chin (tooth went straight through) and needed stitches.  With a tourney just a few days away he was determined to play so I had to cover up the stitches, incase you know some more 'bows were thrown.  O Magazine featured a new bandage for toned skin a while back and I happened to order some just in time to arrive for this special occasion.  [Notice my sarcasm here okay]  Yes these bandages saved the day and helped blend in with the Chocolate Mambas skin tone.  Me likey likey this product for real and won't be leaving home without them.  Pop over to their sight and order yours at www.trucolourbandages.com
                                                                                    in three different shades.  Tell 'em the Curvy      
                                                                                    Momager sent ya!

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