Monday, April 18, 2016

Curvy Momagers Court | Sport Report 4/18/16

Sports news from a Momager's POV......

President Obama beats Steph Curry

Have you seen it?  Steph Curry actually loses to President Obama in Connect Four.  It is the cutest but uber smart video by My Brother's Keeper, a mentorship program for young men.  Barack also shows Steph how to professionally do a resume, reads to him from Audacity of Hope but he ends with helping him clean up his shot.  You can watch the video (and be sure to share it) below.  Last week the President met with other African American celebrities and notable figures to highlight the MBK program.  Way to go Prez!

NBA Advertising on Jerseys - Not feelin it

The NBA has announced that staring with the 2017 season advertisers will get their chance to advertise on player jerseys.  HATED IT!  I really think this stinks but I don't run the company and it's a business move certainly.  I just really hope they don't get outrageous with it.  There is way too much advertisement everywhere else:  The floor, the mop that cleans the floor, arenas inside and out - GEESH enough already.  Can't await to previews these jerseys and really is that going to impact you purchasing an item because a player has it on his jersey?  I dunno but hear the NFL might be next.

Sheryl Swoopes Causing a Stir

It's being reported that former WNBA All Star Sheryl Swoops is having player management problems over at Loyola.  Apparently 12 players have asked for a transfer or to be released from their scholarships.  Players are stating that Swoopes treatment of individual players and her demeanor are the cause for the mass exodus.  Administration has launched an investigation and ensure student-athlete mistreatment will not be tolerated.  The teams record until Swoops since 2013 is 31-62.  Not all players are meant to coach.

MOM School

Well ladies I'm working on video segments of Mom School so stay tuned but until then check out a ref foul call that all bball mamas need to learn about.

Defensive Three SecondsA defensive player is not allowed inside the key area for more than three seconds unless he is
guarding the player with the ball or is actively guarding any opponent. To be considered actively guarding, a defender must be within an arms length of his opponent. If an offensive player moves through the key, the defender must be within an arms length, and also move along with the offensive player. He can not just stand there and put his arms out to the new three-second count.

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