Sunday, January 17, 2016

Getting out of a RUT. Care to join me?

Howdy there!  Yes I have been MIA for about three months now.  I think I consider that a rut although I've been pretty cheery and bubble just not wanted to touch computer screen.  One reason, work has been ultra busy.  The 9-5 gets that way in the last quarter of the year.  So I've got to get out of this work rut and back into hustle mode.  Which is where I truly find most of my joy!  So to begin I re-read an article from MORE magazine and found a few steps to move past this rut.

Listen to your power playlist.  Here are a few songs on mine:
                    Right Hand by Drake
                    Love on Top by Beyonce
                    679 by Fetty Wap featuring The Remy Boyz
                    Flashlight by Jessie J
                    Do It Like Me Challenge by
                    I'm Sorry by Justin Bieber

Count my blessings  The article suggest doing this once a week but I say every day!

Throw 9 things away each day.  Feng shui says cleaning clutter opens up new ideas and opportunities.

Write letters of gratitude to 10 people, or a card.  Don't send an email or text!

Teach someone something.  Currently teaching my daughter to count money when making change.  Truly a lost art.

Listen to an inspiring speech "The Power of Introverts" by Susan Cain on

Read an inspiring book, my choice You are a Badass

Doodle or color.  Can you say adult coloring books?  They are the newest crazy and you can find them literally everywhere.  Don't forget the color pencils too.

There you have it, give it a try.  January is my get out of the RUT month so February better look out.

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