Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Mogul | I am nominating her for a Nobel Peace Prize

Last night at about 11 PM I woke up on the coach and rubbed my feet together.  They were soft, more like butter soft and I smiled.  Earlier that evening after going to the grocery store with The Mogul we came home and she said she was going make dinner.  I actually didn't refuse the offer because it had been a long day and she's a pretty good cook so I fired up the iPad and chilled on the coach.  She fixed plates for her brother and I and we enjoyed a great meal, with cheddar biscuits and all.  She then announced that she was putting dinner in the crock pot for the next night, washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen.  Yeah I was feeling like a slug resting on the couch.  After all her hard work she
walks over to me and says, "Want a foot massage?" I'm one pretty spoiled mama over  here.  The foot massage was so wonderful that I feel asleep while she was working.  See why she is so deserving of that Nobel Prize?

Daughters are amazing but this act of pure random kindness on the part of my daughter just solidified that she feels loved.  So loved that she's willing to reciprocate that love to me by making me feel extra special.  Sometimes as a mom it's sweet icing on the cake to know what you are doing when raising them you kids "get it" and these are the ways they let us know.

I recall a time when I was in a heated conversation with someone and they made this statement, "You are going to raise some f'd up kids.", when I was going through the proceedings of divorce.   At that moment of course my response wasn't very nice but I've come to recognize that every time I felt I might have been coming up short in raising mine I used that very negative nugget to fuel me.  Whether is was staying up late to make sure everyone had homework done, clean clothes or managing my time to make sure both kids got the best of me I was determined to do it.  I have no H8 for that comment being made to me and I'm sure if that person could take those words back they would, at least now they sure could eat them.  <insert crying laughing my ass off emoji here> In no means do I have perfect children nor am I the perfect mother but being the  Real MVP I'll take that title gladly!  Mamas (especially my single ones) just know that when you don't think you have that little extra inside you, you do.  Find that inspiration that will propel you to show your kids what endurance and strength surrounded in love looks and feels like.  You won't regret it.

In dedication to The Mogul we are also featuring a new t-shirt in our Curvy Momager line, The Talia  She is one hard working basketball sister as well as being an amazing daughter.  Here's a preview of the new shirt, a finished addition to come soon.

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