Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy One Year BlogAversary

It's our 1st year BlogAversary and we celebrated with a ShaMoney dance off last night!  Check it out here and vote on who the winner was in the comments:

We couldn't get Tal to join us - she was planning her fundraiser!  It's been such a great year.  Lots of growth, meeting amazing people, starting new ventures and just taking this journey with each other and ALL of you has been THE BEST!  Thank you, keep following and sharing the blog with your friends.  So much more is coming up really soon - life is about turning up the MUSIC!  What are you going to groove too?

Love ya'll loads,

The Curvy Momager and her crew (The Phenom & The Mogul)


  1. Congrats on a year, Robin! You do a great job entertaining and I hope to see more anniversaries for years to come!

    1. Thanks so much Talk2Q. It's so much fun and lots of learning, really appreciate your support.