Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Curvy Momager's Court | On set

Many of you that are friends with me on FB know that I checked off a major accomplishment last week.  Being listed on the IDMb database was something I thought would be a while before it came
true.  Luckily I have some pretty key friends in the entertainment KNOW and they found out about a casting and quickly called me.  I call my GF my unofficial agent...thanks Arleana!

Anywho I can't reveal the show concept but it was a court TV show shown nationwide.  Surely I'll reveal more when I hear about the release date for the show but look for it in about 4 - 5 months.   Major love and shouts out to the folks that casted me, co-starred and that make up artists - she was to die for.  I pray I can work with her again.  Definitely want to add this to my list of continuing hustles...can definitely get use to Kraft services and special treatment.  One thing is for sure these curves come in handy when necessary, gotta love that!

As soon as I can share more with my peeps I will and hit me up and tell me how my acting was.

End scene!

Curvy Momager

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