Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Momager Dopeness | Boss Women Pray

I have to give major props to Jennifer from Pink Foundation and Single Mom Sage for adding me to her book club in July.  It was a book that not only changed the way I thought about my blogging business but my Curvy Momager brand overall.  It provided me with not only foresight but got me energized to start a major part of my brand that I've been putting off for over a year.

The book is Boss Women Pray by Kachelle Kelly.  You can order directly from her website or download on Amazon, which is what I did.  Each day Kachelle has offered a prayer and an inspiration writing on a topic pertaining to growing your business from a spiritual perspective.  At the end of each inspiration there are also biblical references to help provide more justification for the readings.

One of my favorite days was Day 26 Prayer for Effective Marketing & Massive Exposure.  A part of the prayer reads:

"I sometimes get discourage when it seems I will never have the chance to share my passion on a larger scale.  But then I remember that You are on my side and that You cause all things to happen in perfect timing."

What an amazing reminder of how we are not in control and God is!  Then one of the biblical references for that day was 1 Corinthians 2:9:

Get this book!  I can not tell you how excited I was to be invited to this book club.  You can even have one yourself.  Invite women that are on a journey in business or thinking about opening a business and join in on some conversation after each day.  You can even do it on social media or via text!  It will really help you #activateyourhustle.

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  1. I know I'm tardy for the party to comment on a post from two years ago but Boss Women Pray is an amazing devotional! I bought this book probably around the same time you did and fell in love! Let me so that I am so happy to have met you at that ShePower launch last month! I am so happy to have met Arleana and all of the other wonderful women on the team! Bakersfield needed this and I craved for it! Hallelujah!!!!