Sunday, August 17, 2014

Momager Dopeness | Stripes and Bikinis

I was famously 40 (or over) sporting Forever 21 this weekend.  We took a one-dayer to Palm Springs and I rocked two of my most recent OOTD looks from the retailer.  I must have passed by this stripe
dress several times before I decided to try it on.  I kept thinking A) It's too short B) It's going to fit too snug and C) STRIPES, I'm gonna look like a zebra.  But I couldn't have been more wrong.  Yes it's short and for sure it's snug but in all the right places.  The stripes just add a bit of cuteness.  This was my traveling outfit and it was ultra comfy.  I think I'm actually going to go back and get a few more because they have several other colors and a few more stripe selections.  Do it Curvy Momager.

When we made it there it was time to hit the pool.  In 104 degree weather not much else to do.  I picked up this haute pink bikini (nope not a tanktini) during the winter season at Forever 21 and

wondered where I was gonna wear it.  Palm Springs, perfect opportunity.  The ruffles provide a little bit of camouflage but also the cutest accent.  Oh la la I think I've found my favorite swimsuit.  I didn't ever worry about wearing my coverup from my lounge chair to the pool stairs.  Confident curves, took me a minute but I made it.

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